5 Ways to Stay On Top of Your Health When Traveling

It is easy to stay on top of your health when you are at home. You have a regular schedule, you can conveniently grocery shop, and your gym membership is intact waiting for you to show up. However, traveling can disrupt your schedule, which can make it difficult to find time to dedicate to your healthy lifestyle.  In addition, the jet lag may leave you too fatigued to do anything. That notwithstanding, you still can keep on top of your health while traveling. Here are some tips.

  1.        Book a hotel with amenities you enjoy

If you prefer working out in a gym, ensure that the hotel has one, preferably one that is open 24/7. This way, you can get your activity in first thing in the morning, at night or anytime within your day when you get some time. If your hotel does not have an activity center, check to see if there is a yoga studio, walking trail, or quiet place to meditate nearby. Whatever your health routine is, chances are there is something to accommodate you.

  1.         Incorporate physical activities into your travel plan.

Whether you are traveling for work or for leisure, a smart way to stay active is to incorporate some movement into your travel plan. You could bring your dog along and plan for activities you can do together such as hiking, walking or trail running or find active activities to do on your own such as surfing, kayaking, or beach yoga.

Whenever you can, walk. Instead of taking a cab to a destination that is less a mile away, you can get in some extra steps. Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. A good way to discover the city you will be traveling to is to go for a sightseeing run.

  1.         Be mindful of what you eat

Traveling comes with lots of good foods and drinks that you would want to indulge in. Besides, isn’t part of the joy of traveling experiencing other countries cuisines? Well, you can experience the new cuisines and maintain your mindful mindset too. Be deliberate to choose healthier food options and observe your portions. You can have your dessert, just in small portions.

  1.         Pack your gear and some equipment

Bring your running shoes, gym clothes and some equipment. Jump ropes, slider disks and resistance bands take up minimal space in your bag. With your resistance bands and jumping rope in hand, you can have full-body workout from the comfort of your room.

If you feel bringing your equipment along is cumbersome, consider doing activities that do not require equipment. You could do yoga, go swimming, or find a park to take a nice stroll. Alternatively, you can use the hotel Wi-Fi to find a suitable video that you can do from your room.

  1.         Get moving first thing in the morning

There are numerous benefits of planning your active time in the morning. One of them is that no matter how your day turns out, you’ve completed your routine early. When traveling, your day can get quite busy and you may end up not being able to stick to your regular routine. If you are a person who tends to procrastinate, morning routines are perfect for you. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and get in your daily movement. It will get you psyched up for the day and put you in a good mood.

Traveling doesn’t have to be the reason you lose focus on your health journey. If you can stay deliberate and committed, you will be able to keep motivated even as you travel. Remember it takes a sound mind and dedicated heart to maintain your healthy lifestyle while traveling. Therefore, put in as much effort as you usually do, but remember to have fun and soak it all in.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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