Guest Post: My Top 3 Travel Essentials

Whether we travel all the time or once a year, we’re all aware of impending travel sickness. Remember Airborne? Skip that sugary fizz tablet and follow these rules to stay balanced and healthy on your next vacation.

My top 3 items are based on an ancient medicine called Ayurveda. Traveling knocks the Vata dosha out of balance which requires us to pay more attention to the qualities of grounding, warming, smooth, stabilizing and reducing the qualities of dryness, lightness, coldness, roughness and mobility.

  1. The Ultimate Adaptogen: Ashwagandha

In short, adaptogens are compounds found in certain plants—such as herbs and some mushrooms—that function to regulate the adrenal system, which controls the body’s hormonal response to stress. Yet, these guys have a long list of even more health benefits! Adaptogens work to balance, restore, and protect the body, helping it adapt to an array of life’s stressors. Largely, they have gained global attention for:

  • systemically supporting the body to be more resilient to stress
  • systemically supporting the body’s ability to stay in homeostasis
  • being innocuous and not impacting normal body functions more than required

Research has found consistent use of this super-root has the power to regulate the immune system, lower anxiety, and significantly lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. In addition, this little herb enhances endocrine function and supports an underactive thyroid. Due to its high levels of iron, it also alleviates heavy periods and is the perfect immunity companion for travel. Yes, please.

  1. Sesame Oil (and Nasya Oil)

Sesame Oil is a wonderfully grounding oil for self-massage. Try doing a warm oil massage and nasal oiling before hopping on a plane for ultimate immunity. It’s like a barrier between you and the airborne viruses. According to Banyan Botanicals, self-massage, or abhyanga, bolsters your ability to handle stress, promotes physical strength, nourishes muscles & bones, supports comfortable joint movement, promotes sound sleep patterns, supports the intellect & nervous system, and nourishes skin and hair.

You can oil your nose with the aforementioned sesame oil or Nasya oil which relieves mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativity which can happen quite a bit while flying. No matter how much we enjoy being up in the air, security, making your flight on time, and airport/airplane food can all put stress on our systems. Doing these practices before traveling and during your trip will keep you from getting sick. Remember to oil up before hopping on your plane back home!

  1. Healthy snacks

Airplane food. Just. Don’t. Eat it. It’s never healthy and it’s full of salt since our taste buds become less sensitive when we’re in the air. Make yourself some grounding Vata foods like oat muffins, date balls, stewed apples, or Kitchari. If I don’t have time to prepare food I’ll grab a low-sugar granola bar, some dates, or nuts and dried fruit. I also love bringing my own tea. Drinking warm tea on flights keeps your blood circulating and keeps you extra hydrated. Bring your favorite thermos and a few tea bags. Extra points for turmeric and ginger tea. I suggest filling your thermos up at a coffee shop in the airport before boarding since the water on the airplane may questionable. Who knows how often they clean their hot water boilers?

There you have it. My top 3 travel essentials! If you want to learn more about staying healthy at home or on the road sign up for a complimentary phone consultation with Natasha of Natasha Wellness at

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